Vulnerable People sharing Experienced on Benefit of Raising Chicken

If you want to raise chicken with quantity and quality to get much benefit, please take a look on the video of Our beneficiary sharing her experienced of raising chicken as below.

CCPCR provided training on chicken raising, financial and business management to vulnerable people in rural communities to improve their livelihood to reduce risk of human trafficking and labor exploitation that might take place through risky migration.

Chan and villagers in her community in Roeusey Chour Cheung of Svay Rieng province were selected to join as members of Saving Group and Community Rice Bank managed by USAID Cambodia's Countering Trafficking-in-Persons Program implemented by Winrock International. Chan was trained on chicken raising and was also provided with chicks to raise after the completion of the training. Chan mentioned that raising chicken made her life better and she also encouraged other vulnerable

"When I raised chicken without proper skill, I could sell only 15 kilograms of chicken per year. Now that I have chicken-raising skill trained by CCPCR, I can earn over 10 million riels (about $2500) per year." Said But Chan.

In the past, she thought of going abroad to earn money because she had no other income source apart from growing rice and she used to raise chicken but it failed, as she did not have proper skill. Now I doesn’t want to go anymore.