Handmade Products on Sale to Support CCPCR

Handwoven fabric in typical Khmer style. Cloth can be woven in one color only, striped, or in two color checkered Khmer style.
Sold by the meter length.
Cost: $7 per meter
Colors will vary. If you have another special color request, please let us know and we will try to accommodate.

Sizes vary from approx 12cm to 25cm in height
Cost: dependent on size and doll, $4 - $9
See the photos for the many different styles of toys

Square pillow cases, approximately 40cm in width
Four different quilt styles, made from handwoven cloth - please see photo (bottom: rectangles - left, triangles - middle bottom, triangles and squares - right; top left big square inside rectangle made of triangles)

Help support the work of CCPCR by purchasing handmade pillow cases, toys or traditionally woven cloth!

All products are individually made by the older girls at the CCPCR Shelters during their vocational training programs. A small percentage from the sale of the products go directly to the girls and the rest is put straight back into the shelter. This is a step towards making our shelter more self-sufficient and sustainable and to provide the girls with an income which in turn increases their self-esteem and financial management capacity.

Do you have any contacts (community/ local businesses/ shops, etc) who might want to purchase our hand-made products or could help us in this area?