Case of study

Model farmer Got Grant Supported to Improve Livelihood

Mrs. Vorn is a vulnerable people living in Svay Prohuot village, Krol Khor commune, Svay Chrom district, Svay Rieng province. In her community, she complained about no proper job opportunity apart from growing rice and she stated about her difficulty of making enough money to support her family. 

“Before my husband and I used to raise chicken without proper skill and also have business as mobile food selling, but those business not get good profit and sustainable income to support my family and children’s education”,said Mrs. Vorn.

By seeing the vulnerability of people living there, CCPCR a partner of USAID’s CTIP funded through Winrock International, selected Mrs. Vorn to be a member of community Saving Group and selected her as a model farmer.

Mrs. Vorn and other members of community Saving Group got supported by CTIP to get training on chicken raising skill, financial management skill, business management skill and also human trafficking issues.

After got trained by CTIP, Mrs. Vorn has business grant supported to raise chicken and sell refreshment food and drink at home to increase income. She sell very well everyday with suitable income.

Mrs. Vorn said, “Before my family was so poor and after CCPCR supported me to have business at home, I can earn about 50 000 Riels ($12.5 US) per day. It helps my family improving to better livelihood.”

This is only the small part of her income, that is not included with the benefit from chicken raising, she continued. With her business, she can earn money for daily food, and for chicken feed and vaccine, so she will gain much income when she sell the chicken.

Mrs. Vorn said, her family’s situation would not better as today if she did not get help by CTIP.

Even her family earn enough money to support family, she still commits to broaden her business with more chicks and pigs raising to increase income and avoid from risky migration.