Case of study

My Dream Came True to get Mechanism “Motor Repair”Skill

 SI is a case of migration abuse without document to work in Malaysia. He is an orphan, 19 years old, who lives with his poor grandmother in a village of Kampong Chhnang province after his parents was divorced.

When his grandma could not afford to support family and his study, SI decided to migrate to work in Malaysia with his relative since he was 15 years old. He worked there without permit card and his passport was withdrawn by his boss, so he was arrested to detain in prison.

“I was nearly died in the jail, because I can't sleep well and have no enough food to eat. Anyway, the police hit me if they don't be happy", said SI. 

He never know information about risky of migration, that why he have been explored and abused in broad. He felt hopeless, when he talked about his experience, so he did not ever want to remind it.

He said, "I'm afraid of migration without information and documentation."

When he was 17 years old, he was rescued and returned back to his homeland, then he was referred to get service supported by CCPCR, a partner of USAID’s CTIP, funded through Winrock International.

CCPCR supported him to learn Mechanism skill (Motor Repair) in Modolkiri province and a small business at home to his wife after he got married to live there.  

He said “thank to CCPCR for committing to assist and support emotional, economical and skill to me and my family”.

He never expected that his family has a better condition as today, he continued. He has a chance to learn skill responding to his dream to run a Moto Repairing Shop by his own.

“I want to get this skill since I was young, but my family was poor could not afford me to learn it”, SI said.

Currently, he can gain much knowledge and repair some motorbike while his wife is earning from selling goods and beverage at home from 40 000 to 50 000 Riels per day to support his family and his daily food.