Case of study

CTIP trained Vulnerable People with Proper Skill to Improve livelihood

But Chan’s family is one among many vulnerable people in Krol Kor commune, at Svay Rieng province. Her family was a poor farmer and they did not earn a sustainable income to support lives even they work hard on growing rice.

Chan complained about her difficulty such as no enough food and no capital to grow rice in rainy season and she used to think of going abroad to earn money  in neighbor country.

“In the past, I thought of going abroad to earn money because I had no other income source apart from growing rice. I used to raise chicken but it failed, as I did not have proper skill.”, said Chan the beneficiary Rice Bank and Saving Groupin Roeusey Chour Cheung community .

In 2016, Chan has been selected to join CCPCR’s Saving Group and also Rice Bank in Eusey Chhuor Khang Chheng which supported by USAID’s Cambodia Countering Trafficking-in-Persons Program (CTIP) through Winrock International.

Chan has mentioned about the benefit of Saving Group and Rice Bank to her and her villagers. It provided them with low interest of rice loan in emergency needs and capital loan for broaden business or raising animal to improve income.

Being a member of Saving Group and Rice Bank, Chan and other villagers also got supported a lot to improve their livelihood such as trained on financial and small business management, on chicken raising and got baby chicken to raise.

Chan said, “When I raised chicken without proper skill, I could sell only 15 kilograms of chicken per year. Now that I have chicken-raising skill trained by CCPCR, I can earn over 10 million riels (about $2500) per year.

Chan added that, raising chicken made her life better and she also encouraged other vulnerable people to raise chicken at home like her instead of leaving home for work in abroad.