Case of story

Survivors Got Support on Small Business to Pursue Lives

Almost all of CCPCR’s clients always blamed about their family situation (poverty), they had no job or sustainable career and they got much concern about their future.  

They mostly were the victims​ of trafficking and migrant abuse who got rescued and repatriated from fishing boat of Thailand, working in Malaysia and Indonesia, Married with Chinese man to china and begging and selling lottery ticket in Vietnam.

When refer to get CCPCR’s service, those survivors need to have their own business or sustainable career to improve their lives. Especially they need to get supported even physically, emotionally and financially to live their new life and avoided from re-exploitation.

With CCPCR's assessment, they need support differently depend on their location and economic condition in their community. Some needs to have small business as Goods and Grocery seller, some wishes to continue their task as a farmer, fisherman and other wants to get a skill training.

However, according to their need and fulfilling their commitment to live their new life in community, CCPCR the partner of USAID's CTIP, implemented through Winrock International, provided those survivors with small business at home or skill training.

One family in Krotie province, whom husband and son was survived of migrant abuse from Malaysia got supported on small business as cane juice seller and their son got skill training as barber.

Mrs. Na wife and mother of those survivors said, she is delighted and appreciated to get helped by CCPCR and Donor. She continued, without this supported they might had no chance to get small business as Today.

It is importantly and hopefully to get help, her family is so poor and have no capital to start up business or learn skill by their own, she said.   

Since the early of 2018, CCPCR have helped hundred clients and still continue to support them to combat against human trafficking in Cambodia.

CCPCR wants to see them sustain their business to improve their live and pursue their commitment to be safe and step up forward by hard working, stop risky migrant to work abroad.