Official Report, nearly 20 000 migrant workers rescued back to Cambodia in last 6 months

The government’s report shown that in the last 6 months of 2018, there were nearly 200 migrant workers died in abroad while nearly 20000 other migrant workers were rescued to Cambodia after they were trafficked to work abroad with illegal Company.

Those victims were rescued and returned from 18 countries after they were cheated by brokers and companies which brought to across the border, it is according to report of collecting activities and result of anti human trafficking by interior ministry.

The report continued that the workers working in abroad are victimized of exploitation by boss, sex trafficking, fake married and labor abuse.

According to the ministry of interior there are over 1 millions of worker working in Thailand during the last mid-year of 2018 and over 50% of them living and working there with legal document. .Source VOD.