Handmade ‘Weaving Mat’ Helps People to Better Income

Saving Group members in Tuol Kpos weaving mat at home

In Tuol Kpos village, Chambak commune, Svay Chhrom District, is a rural area of Svay Rieng province which shares the border with Vietnam country. Some people living there always complained about no job opportunity, apart from growing rice, they migrated illegally to make income in Vietnam.

Mrs. Neang Rorn the cashier of Tuol Kpos Saving Group said, before most people in her village were so poor and they always left home to work in Vietnam, however, they could not make enough money to support their family and their children’s education.

By seeing the vulnerability of people living there, CCPCR a partner of USAID’s CTIP funded through Winrock International, formed them a group as Saving Group and supported them to have their own career at home due to their proper skill and resource of weaving mat.

Mrs. Rorn said, “after got supported, all members of Saving Group in my community are able to make income. With higher demand of ‘mat’, we can produce around 10 mats per month and earn about 100$ dollars. It is not include other income.”

We are not difficult to sell our products, after we weaved it, the buyers came to get it in our village, she continued.

CCPCR’s Saving Group not supported only material to produce this “Mat” but also supported them to raise chicken at home with skill training such as animal raising skill, financial management and small business management skill.

Mrs. Rorn said, some people used to leave their children at home with no chance to study regularly but now all members have career in community, so their children can go to school and also they help their mother to weave mat when they are free from school.

Nowadays, their livelihood are much better than before, moreover, they commit to broaden their business improving income and they also willing to support their children to get higher education. They also commit to stop leaving home for work in neighborhood country.