Survivor Pursue His Hope With Supporting Business at Home

Mr. Seng is a survivor of trafficking who were rescued from Malaysia by IOM on 24 August, 2016 after he was detained there nearly a year. And he is one among many survivors who referred to CCPCR, a partner of USAID's Cambodian Countering Trafficking-in-Persons Program, funded through Winrock International.

Mr. Seng is 28 years old and he is youngest children among 3 siblings in his family from Stueng Treng province. He dropped school at grade 7, because his family was poor.

After Seng quited school, he migrated to Siem Reap to make money, he used to run his own small business, and raised animal but those business was not successful, so he turned back to live with his parents.

When Seng was 20 years old, he got married and he could not find proper job, so he didn't make enough money to support his family.  In 2011 he decided to migrate illegally to work in Malaysia with his friends who experience to work there.

Seng faced with many hard work and difficulty in Malaysia. He also got blamed by his boss and he didn't get much income as expected because he had to spend much money on accommodation, eating and dressing.

Seng was arrested and detained by Malaysian police on 01st August 2015 because he migrated to work there without legal document. Fortunately he was rescued and repatriated back to Cambodia to get  CCPCR's service. 

CCPCR reintegrated him to live with his family and provided him the livelihood training on farming, animal raising, and financial and small business management in order to develop his living condition. Moreover, CCPCR also referred him to get skill training course on auto repair in Phnom Penh. He has been supported on accommodation, clothes, eating and school material until finish.

However, Seng has his own plan to have business at home, after finished the course but he has no capital to run business related to his skill, so he decided to catch up with his previous business as Fruits and vegetable seller first.

As CCPCR works to provid only small business at home to survivors of Trafficking or abuse to improve their lives and avoid from re-risky migration. So Mr. Seng was provided with one cart to fullfill his need.

Mr. Seng said, " In the past, I borrowed cart from my sister to earn 10 to 12.5 $ per day, but now CCPCR provided me a cart, so it helped me to improve my life."

He continued that, his family condition is better now and he committs to stop leaving home for work because he has his own business with good income. Seng is given name.