Cows Bank, Benefit with Sustainable Income

Mrs. Vann is one among many survivors of migrant abuse who experienced of leaving across the border to seek better income. She lives in Chantrea, the one of Cambodia district which shares the border with Vietnam.  

When she decided to leave home, her family was so poor without enough food to eat. Her husband had her had no job, so Mrs. Vann also brought her children with to sell lottery ticket and beg for money in Vietnam. Unfortunately, they did not make as much money as they expected and they also was arrested and sent back to Cambodia with empty hands.

However, when arrived Cambodia, her family was admitted to CCPCR’s Saving Group and Cow Bank which supported by USAID’s Cambodia Countering Trafficking-in-Persons Program (CTIP), implemented by Winrock International.  

The cow bank was formed and supported to fulfill the need of vulnerable people in target area of Svay Rieng province. After 2 years of providing the first of 30 cows to 30 victim families, now it increased about 100 per cent, and offered to another beneficiaries. According to the cow bank policy.

CCPCR livelihood officer, Mr. Tieng Leap stated about the important of providing the cow and calves to beneficiaries. Previously people always raised duck, chicken and pig but they mostly died with illness and got less income, He continued.

"We want them to change their lives, stop bringing their children to beg and sell lottery in Vietnam…However, even they go to work far from home we want to see their children got a chance to study and take care the cow at free time" Mr. Leap said.

To make sure that all members of cow bank are able to improve their lives, CCPCR also provide them on livelihood training such as on animal raising, and small business and financial management.

Mrs. Vann was also supported to raise animal at home such as pigs and chicken. Recently, she also got a calf from the cow bank to raise for sustainable income.

She said, “I felt happy to be with Cow Bank, I have been supported on career and knowledge to change my life. Especially, now I get a cow, it is very important to help my family condition.” Moreover, her children and she do not re-migrate because they have to take care the cow and livestock.  

Newsday, Mrs. Vann family got better income with animal raising to support livelihood and her children's education.

Vann is fake name of client