Vulnerable People Got Supported to Be Chick Farm Owner

Koh Kong province is one of the seaside province of Cambodia that share the border with Thailand. Every year most of the ARP people always leave across the border riskily to find higher salary job in Thailand. As illegal migration most of them complain about difficulty and hard work there.   

As the case of Mr. Tha, whom experience of being abused during his migration to work in Thailand. He said his family was so poor with no specific job in Cambodia and he had to respond for big family (his 5 children’s education).

Mr. Tha decided to migrate illegally with broker since 2013, and he stated about his difficulty of processing legal document, it takes time and spends much money. However, working in thailand was not easy and with higher salary as he expected.

He said "I got exploited of working, even the boss allowed to work illegally but I got less money and I was warned that I would be arrested by police in reason I had no legal document".

In 2016, he fled from workplace to live in homeland in Modol Sema, Koh Kong province, because working there he did not earn enough money to support his children. When arrived in Cambodia, he started his career with growing vegetable and raising animal. He also join with CCPCR’s saving group and he have been selected to be leader.

To reduce risky migration and countering trafficking-in-persons, CCPCR’s saving group which supported by USAID's partner, CTIP through Winrock International, provided knowledge throw training and provided loan to improved livelihood.

Mr. Tha was trained to know a lot on policy making, bookkeeping and loan management. He also got financial and small business management and skill training on animal raising.

"I am confident to start up new career with animal raising and grow vegetable since I participated with CCPCR", said Mr. Tha.

Mr. Tha’s family condition is better than before, his life is much better than working in Thailand because he can live happily with family. he can make a good income about $200 to $250 per month to support his family and all his children can go to school.

With saving group he also has saved some money to buy more agriculture materials and raise more chicken, he wished to have his own land to increase and develop his career. Fortunately As he has a lot of experience and improving on chicken raising, CCPCR selected him to be a chick farm in Koh Kong Province.