Lotus House - Siem Reap

December 2010

CCPCR is excited to announce a new partnership with Senhoa ( in Siem Reap. In January 2011 we will be opening Lotus House, a transition home for up to 15 women, providing them with safe and secure subsidized accommodation. We have two specific target beneficiaries in mind:

  • Young women who are vulnerable to sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking;
  • Women who have completed a shelter program and are in ‘transition’ from living in a shelter to full reintegration back into society.

This facility will not be run like our other two shelters. Lotus House will focus on girls becoming independent, enabling them to prepare for life outside of a shelter or brothel. The girls will have to find employment in order to be able to live in the house and they will need to contribute a small amount to the running of the house each month. We are very excited to be partnering with Senhoa on this project and will post another update early next year once the house is up and running.

The Team at the Head Office of Senhoa, led by Lisa Nguyen, the founder and first Executive Director, recently wrote the following on their website: \"At the heart of this project are the provision of safe housing, gradual reintegration and the attainment of \'sustainable freedom\'. Our Lotus House aims to teach women the skills needed for independent living, help them find safe and secure employment and provide other needed life skills.\"

Click here to read more on the Senhoa blog.