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Case: Better Education, Better Life and a Bright Future

"I got better life and better education, CCPCR provided me a bright future" One beneficiary said.

DV 009 is the one among many beneficiaries who got long term shelter support to stay and get education in CCPCR's Phnom Penh shelter. She is a child from one poor family in Svay Rieng province and also the case of suffered from domestic violence with her father mistreated the family. After her parents divorced, her mother was difficult to respond for 4 children, and it was hard to support their children with good care, enough food and study.Child is reading in CCPCR's Phnom Penh Shelter

CCPCR provided DV 009 a chance to stay and study in shelter since she was grade 5, after conducted follow up and assessments many times about her family situation.

DV 009 said she has been provided support many things when she came to CCPCR's shelter, such as school materials, bicycle, books, pens, clothes and material for daily used and expend.

Every member of her family had no chance to study because of family condiction (Parents broke up) and poverty situation. But DV 009 is the luckiest, she could get a high education. She said " if there was no help from CCPCR, I would not get education, because my family was poor and my mother was a waitress whose income is too low to support my study."

CCPCR is her sweet home and second parents, she added. And she expressed her thankful to CCPCR for brought her a new and comfortable life with better education.

To eliminate human trafficking, labor trafficking, child migrant abuse and risk migration, CCPCR have saved more over 3150 children since 1994. And they were from poor families, child victims and vulnerable children.

For supporting them with long term service, study, learn skills with material supplying are the donations from local and international NGOs partners and generous.Child is reading in Shelter

DV 009 recently graduated from high school, and she is looking for major to continue her studies in college. She is willing to become a bank employee, because she hopes she will be able to get a good job and high salary to help her family.


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